Maize Trial

Vigo™ – Maize Trial

 Trial Summary:

To determine the effects of Vigo™ on the growth of Zea mays, a greenhouse study was conducted. Seeds were sown at a depth of 15 mm in a 4L plastic pot containing a commercial soil mixture. The temperature in the greenhouse during the experiment was 22 ± 2.5 °C.


  • Control
  • Vigo™ treated at a dilution of 1:1600

Plot size: 5 plants x 3 replications = 15 plants/treatment

The control pots were water-irrigated twice weekly. The Vigo™ treatment pots were irrigated twice weekly with Vigo™ dilution. The trial period was conducted for 100 days, after which plant mass and size were measured and compared.

Trial Observations and Results:

Seeds treated with Vigo™ responded more vigorously, significantly increasing both rooting and shoot length. After 100 days plants the mass of Vigo™ treated plants was significantly higher compared to untreated plants.