Tomato Trial

Vigo™ – Tomato Trial

Trial Summary

To determine the effects of Vigo™on the yield of tomatoes. A pot and field trial were conducted with four week old seedlings planted into five litre pots in an open field. Agronomic management practices followed open plot trial standard procedures.


Control – Exposed to the standard fertigation protocol used in for commercial use.

Vigo™ – Treatment applied twice weekly, from transplant to end of harvest. Plants were exposed to a 50% reduction in the standard fertigation protocol.

Pot Trials: 3 plants x 5 replications = 15 plants/treatment.

Field Trial: 0.7 Hectare blocks = 8000 plants/treatment.

Trial Observations and Results

Plants treated with Vigo™ responded more vigorously after transplanting compared to untreated plants. Plants produced significantly more fruit and an increase in yield weight when treated with Vigo™.

Tomato trials_Vigo