Vigo™ – Enhancing Return On Your Investment

A culmination of over fifteen years of research in both laboratory and field tests on a variety of agricultural crops including tomatoes, peppers, legumes, rice, maize and more.

Concentrating on products that have the potential to reduce negative environmental effects associated with the agricultural industry while at the same time enhancing agricultural productivity and farm profitability.

Vigo™ – It’s all in the name

Definition of vigour is a healthy, active growth showing resilient strength and vitality.

“Vigo™” derives is name from the active ingredients ability to significantly improve the vigour of plants whilst dramatically increasing a plant’s yield without any negative effects on production.


Vigo™ – Technicalities

Vigo™ is a plant supplement which in itself is not a nutrient source but rather a enhancer of other nutrient additives.

Vigo™ has a physiological effect at the cell membrane level triggering nutrient and water movement thereby allowing the plant to maximise usage of available nutrients.

Being water soluble, the product is easily absorbed through the roots or leaf stomata.

The products can be applied at anytime within the plants growth cycles – i.e. from seed to mature plant.

Treated plants respond by producing more roots and healthier shoots over a shorter period of time as well as enhancing bud break, increasing flowering and therefore fruiting.


Vigo™ – Added Benefits and Features

Added Features

Vigo™ is 100% natural

Vigo™ can be used in tandem with all fertilisers – chemical and organic

Added Benefits

When applied to plants, Vigo™ increases yield by 16 to 40%

Fruit produced is scientifically tested to have the same nutritional value as quality fruit grown without Vigo™

Vigo™ has an indefinite shelf life.

Vigo™ – The Spectrum of Crop Species

Find your crop species in the following list for which Vigo™ can bring enhanced production results

Vegetable and Fruits


Tomatoes, Sweet Peppers, Chillies, Cucumbers and Strawberries – treatment with Vigo™ results in an increase in fruit number and sizes.


Treatment with Vigo™ enhances root development increasing size and shortening time to maturation


Potatoes, treated with Vigo™ result in increases in the number of tubers and size.


Onions, treated with Vigo™ results in an increase in bulb size and shortening the time to maturation


These include both shelled and non-shelled legumes. Treatment with Vigo™ increases the number of pods.

Fruit Trees

Treatment with Vigo™ can assist in bud breaking, increased flowering and fruit yield. Application is done prior and throughout the growing season.

Cereal Gains

Treatment with Vigo™ results in vigorous growth, improved root and shoot development and an increase in seed production.


These include hazelnuts, chestnuts, almonds and other “tree nuts” together with the ground nuts. Treatment with Vigo™ results in an increase in yield

Grasses and Bamboo

Treatment with Vigo™ enhances rooting and shooting accelerating growth.


Potatoes, treated with Vigo™ result in increases in the number of tubers and size


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1. Product Description

Vigo™ is a plant nutrient supplement, which in its self is not a nutrient source but rather an enhancer / potentiator of other nutrient additives, often
categorised as a bio-stimulant. It comprises an aqueous based blend of compounds including a high concentration of the active Vigo™ which have synergistic effects when combined with a nutrient source to accelerate plant growth, reduce plant stress and enhance crop yield.

Registration Number: Reg no. B 4463 Act / Wet 36/1947

2. Product Ingredients

The complexity of the blend occurs within a reaction vessel and is dependent on temperature and chemical composition of the raw ingredients, which in this case is biomass. Part of the Vigo™ process is related to the biomass volume in conjunction with the aqueous extraction. The blend comprises a mixture of organically derived amino acids, sugars and carbohydrates in combination with Vigo™ which have a synergistic effect in creating the active product. Carbon in the form of an ash by-product is included into the blend to strengthen bonding properties giving it its distinctive smell.

Working with ratios and regulated temperatures, the end product is stable and consistent. The process is temperature dependent with the brewed extraction being agitated, filtered and then matured. The entire process is organic with no synthetic or chemical additives.

3. Product Action

Vigo™ which is a recognized plant growth regulator is active at low concentrations, and through scientific trialing it has been determined that the greatest results are achieved at specific concentrations.  It has a physiological affect at the cell membrane level triggering nutrient and water movement thus allowing the plant to maximise whatever nutrients are available to it. Allowing a plant to still grow and produce in adverse conditions including nutrient poor or water stressed
environments. Being water soluble, the product is easily absorbed through the roots or leaf stomata. The product can be applied at anytime within the plants growth cycle, i.e. from seed to mature plant. Application can be in the form of folia or soil drenching with results having the same effect. Optimal results in yield are however achieved by applying the product from an early stage of seedling development, often starting with the transplanting out into the production houses or fields.

It is believed that Vigo™ on its own or in whether in synergy with amino acids and carbohydrates in Vigo™ has the ability to function as secondary metabolites in that they stimulate and regulate the natural hormonal processes in a plants growth. In some cases Vigo™ substitutes for these hormones resulting in the plant responding through growth, no matter the environmental conditions in which it is located. It has been known to improve stomatal conductance and increase the rate of photosynthesis (Abdelgadir et al. 2013). Being a carbon based recipe the actives have the ability to have analogous properties of most other plant growth regulators (van Staden et al. 2006) therefore avoiding the need for other growth regulatory based additives.

Plants treated with Vigo™ have also shown to have significantly higher levels of nitrogen in their roots and stems (Chumpookam et al. 2010) and have shown to have larger leaf surface areas. These physiological and anatomical benefits result in plants having reduced stress, rapid homogeneous growth, increased flowering and fruiting and ultimately a healthier higher yielding crop.

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