Vigo™ and Sports Turf

How can Vigo™ assist in the growth and maintenance of your sports turf? Rugby Fields, Soccer fields and more.

  • Vigo™ is highly active at very low concentrations eliminating the need for over usage
  • Grass seeds treated with Vigo™ are triggered to start germinating immediatly
  • Treated plants respond by producing more roots and healthier shoots over a shorter period compared to untreated plants
  • The use of Vigo™ will reduce irrigation frequency
  • Treating plants with Vigo™ allows a plant to maximise its uptake of nutrients and available water. Vigo™ is effective in ensuring rapid establishment of new golf courses or the turf of “relayed” surfaces allowing the turf to be played on in a shorter period of time.
  • Under Stressed conditions, plants treated with Vigo™ have the ability to continue to maintain a healthy cover. Stressed conditions include, but are not limited to, water shortages, nutrient efficiency, temperature fluctuations, etc.

Application by

  • Foliar Spray
  • Drip Irrigation
  • Soil Drenching

Vigo™ and Golf

How can Vigo™ assist in the growth and maintenance of your golf course?

  • Turf Treated with Vigo™ has a lush, healthy and uniform appearance
  • The use of Vigo™ will reduce management costs with decreased usage of fertilizers (up to 75%) resulting in cost savings of between 30%-40%
  • As a result of reduction in fertilizer usage, water quality standard is maintained.
  • The use of Vigo™ reduces algal blooming in soil and water.
  • The use of Vigo™ eliminates the negative effects of thatch buildup in the soil
  • Plants treated with Vigo™ are less susceptible to pathogens and other diseases.
  • The use of Vigo™ reduces overloading the environment with nutrients preventing eutrophication (as a result of better rooting, less nutrients will be leached into the environment).
  • Vigo™ is a non-toxic and water-soluble allowing for easy application. It can be applied using existing maintenance equipment
  • Vigo™ can be used in tandem with fertilizers in use – chemical and organic.
  • Vigo™ can be applied to all turf species making it a universal product for use on greens, tees and fairways.

See the Results for Yourself

Without Vigo™

With Vigo™

Soil profile of treated area after 6 months show a narrow diffusing 3mm thatch layer

Without Vigo™

With Vigo™

Organic nutrients 4 weeks later – note the root length

An ideal soil profile and root length

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