Vigo™ Accreditations and Evaluations:

In order to further distinguish Vigo™ in terms of its credibility, the following accreditations have been awarded. This sets Vigo™ apart from the not so credible products that are to be found on the market currently

Ecocert also provides accredited certification in Africa and South Africa.

ECOCERT: an inspection and certification body for sustainable development.

For 25 years, ECOCERT’s principal activity has consisted of an in-field inspection of the adherence to a standard’s requirements. ECOCERT will then issue a document which certifies the compliance of your products, systems or services with the standard.

ECOCERT is an inspection and certification bodyestablished in France in 1991 by agronomists aware of the need to develop environmentally friendly agriculture and of the importance of offering some form of recognition to those committed to this method of production.

Since its creation, ECOCERT has specialized in the certification of organic agricultural products

ECOCERT contributed to the expansion of organic farming in the 1990s by helping to draw up French and European regulations. Still very involved in promoting organic farming, ECOCERT today works with French and international institutions in supporting project development. By winning the confidence of professionals and consumers, ECOCERT has become a benchmark in organic certification worldwide.



The Organic inputs evaluation network is an umbrella organisation for institutions which evaluate inputs for organic farming.  The goal of the network is to harmonise input evaluation in Europe.

Associated Partners to the Organics Input evaluation network


Skal Bio Control

As a control authority, Skal Biocontrole is dedicated to proving the reliability of organic products in the Netherlands and is the only organic control organisation in the Netherlands assigned by the Minister of Economic Affairs, and as such are the only dedicated control authority responsible for the inspection and certification of organic companies in the Netherlands.  They are also the watch-dog for the implementation and administration of the European organic rules in the agricultural sector as well as on importers and trading Companies, of which Vigoland (Pty) Ltd is one.  Skal can only grant a certificate if the product and the production chain involved, is monitored. Likewise, a product can only be organic, if it is certified.


FIBL  (Forschungsinstitut für biologischen Landbau)

Is a research institute dedicated to the research on all aspects of organic farming and has branches in several countries, and numerous projects and initiatives on several continents.  It is an independent, non-profit institute with the aim of advancing cutting-edge science in the field of organic agriculture. FIBL’s research team works together with farmers to develop innovative and cost-effective solutions to boost agricultural productivity while never losing sight of environmental, health, and socio-economic impacts.   Within its network, it evaluates inputs and publishes input lists, some of which include InfoXgen.com, bio.inspecta which is a control and certification body based in Switzerland and operates at a national and international level, as well as Austria Bio Garantie which performs a similar function.