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The use of Vigo™ at the University of Pretoria’s Hillcrest Sports Campus

“We manage a Sports-Campus of 325 hectares which includes various National and International facilities for sport-field disciplines (amongst others; rugby, soccer, and hockey), gardens, a golf training facility, and the rehabilitation project of the bio-diverse and eco-sensitive Hartbeestspruit which runs through the property.

Vigo™ was introduced to us at the University of Pretoria a year and a half ago. We were understandably very sceptical  towards any new product, especially those claiming to be 100% true organic and 100% environmentally friendly,  as we had already been using a number of products claimed by the manufacturers to be the silver bullet, but none really lived up to their promises.

As in the past, our initial impression of Vigo™ was that it would be just another product (a so-called snake oil) which would improve the performance of our various turf grasses for a few days only, and then yet again we would have our hopes dashed.  Truly we were very reluctant to make use of the product as we had seen it all before in previous products; trialled, tested – we have done it all before!

It all came into play during the drought period when we had to restrict our water consumption. The drought forced us to look to alternatives and it was at that stage that we reverted to Vigo™ as a possible solution. Now looking back in hindsight, it was actually an oversight not to have used this product before. The results were mind-boggling  and the benefits are outperforming any products used before.

Putting green at Tuks golf academy

Putting Green at Tuks Golf Academy

Tee-box at Tuks!

Tee-box at Tuks!

The benefits seen so far are as follows (after using it for more than a year):

  • Overall water usage has came down
  • Plants/grasses are more resistant against drought
  • Better recovery of grass after big matches
  • Better recovery coming out of the winter season, as well as better pitch performance during the winter
  • Microbial improvement
  • Less thatch build-up
  • More disease resistant
  • Overall health improvement of plants (stronger more drought resistant, flower better etc.)
  • Could be used with other chemicals without any negative effects
  • It allows us to systematic build-up our use of organics which will lead to less product being used in future(cost saving)
  • Golf – We use bent 94 on our greens and this product has made the world of difference when it comes to the manicuring of the greens.
  • Prevents the build-up of algae
  • Stronger plants
  • The take-up of nutrients is much better and the plants seem to retain more water also
  • Overall it has significantly improved the performance of our various turf grasses on site, and this throughout all the seasons.
Chipping green at Tuks!

The Chipping Green

Main cricket oval - Tuks

Main Cricket Oval – Tuks

After using this product for more than a year now already during normal and abnormal conditions, I am a true believer after experiencing this product perform beyond what it was initially applied for, given the results obtained, and given also that the University of Pretoria has decided to go organic and yet we are still able to meet the playing surface performances that our top sports men and women are entitled to, using organics!

After years of being used as a ‘guinea-pig’ and been regularly disappointed by product outcomes which often conflicted with the initial promises, I eventually came to a point where I did my own independent trials, without any interference or knowledge from Companies or individuals, on four hockey fields with various products from different suppliers.  Each field had been treated with a different product.  Each received the same amount of water and then purposefully not watered for three weeks to check on recovery.  Vigo outperformed all the products used and thus carries my stamp of approval.

Bear in mind that common sense also needs to be applied as with all products available on the market”.

Jacques Smit

Operational Manager – University of Pretoria 

+27 82 908 1702

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